I owe you an apology

Hi! It’s me, Betsy, and boy do I owe you an apology! It has been MONTHS since our last post and I am sorry for the lack of commitment. Our bloggers’ lives have gotten ridiculously busy so it’s been up to me to remain engaged here, and well, obviously I have not done that.

So where have I been? I’ve been tweeting and occasionally posting in Facebook. When I’m not hanging around the social media water cooler I am working on the ReadyCommunity facilitator’s guide (I will share more about this in another post) and center publications.

Today I have been preparing the Call for Abstracts for the May issue of Rural Connections. The topic for this issue is “Local & Regional Food Hubs Boost Rural Economies” and thanks to Jim Barham from USDA-Agricultural Marketing Services, the Call for Abstracts expertly describes food hubs and what we are seeking for this issue.

I will release the Call for Abstracts on Tuesday, Jan. 31 so watch our website, Twitter and Facebook pages for the details. Or join our mailing list and you’ll get the announcement delivered to your Inbox.

So that explains what I’ve been up to in 2012. How about you? What projects have you started or renewed in 2012?


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